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3 Reasons To Upgrade Your Phone

It seems that we live in a society where a new must-have phone is launching every couple of months. That makes it difficult to stay up to date with the latest technology (for both you and your wallet). So how do you know when it’s really time to upgrade your cell phone?

1. Your device doesn’t support the latest operating system (OS).
Typically, devices (both Android & Apple) support a few major updates following their release. When you buy the latest device, you can probably expect to upgrade the operating system several times. After a few years, the device no longer has the capability to support these upgrades, meaning you’re reaching the end of your devices support cycle. That’s a great indicator that it’s time to upgrade!

2. The battery life has deteriorated significantly.
As you use your device (charging, software updates, daily use, etc.), the battery is put under a growing amount of strain. This means that the full capacity will become less and less over time. If the battery performance has gone downhill significantly, it might be a great time to upgrade.

3. Physical damage affects day-to-day functionality.
It’s common to drop your device, causing physical damage. However, with any impact there is a risk that the internal components may shift or become loose. Drops can inhibit your overall user experience, even if it’s still usable. After using a device with damage, the difference you’ll notice in a new phone will be significant.
Most users stick with the same device for approximately two years. What are some things you’ve experienced on your smartphone that may prompt you to upgrade?

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