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Team Update: Choosing Joy in a Global Pandemic

Choosing Joy in a Global Pandemic

The health and safety of our team is one of our top priorities. As part of that, we’ve been checking in on
their mental wellness throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.
We asked a few of our team members how they’re doing and what currently brings them joy. Beyond
the overwhelming gratitude for YOU and your continued support, here’s what they shared:


  • Learning how to make coffee at home and make it taste good!
  • Talking on the phone with my friends and family (work family included)
  • Bringing my Pinterest account back to life and planning DIY projects
  • Having our own Chopped Cooking challenges with what’s in the pantry


  • Spending time with my cats and fiancé
  • Adult coloring books and painting a ton!
  • FaceTime/video calling with my family and friends
  • The occasional glass of wine (or 3) outside in the sunshine


  • Playing virtual board games and video games with my significant other and friends
  • Spending more time practicing and playing guitar
  • Working through some courses and learning new things!
  • A lot of quality time with my significant other and cats (aka my little family!)


This is the feedback from just a few of our team members. Throughout our conversations, it was clear
that just like the rest of the world, they’re trying to make the best of a bad situation.
How are you holding up? How can we help during this time?
We’d love to here from you – drop us a line!

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