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Spotlight – Samsung Z Flip

Spotlight - Samsung Z Flip

Reeven from our Parkland Mall location is an avid Samsung user, with no plans on switching things up anytime soon.

He’s currently using the Samsung Z Flip so we asked him a few questions to ensure we could share an honest review of the device.

Phone Experts: What are your favorite features of the Samsung Z Flip?
Reeven: I (obviously) must lead with the fact that it folds – it’s a sweet feature and has turned out to be a great conversation starter! Taking selfies is a breeze with the external display and I love that the photos are always super high quality. One other thing that I really love about this device is the fingerprint sensor on the side. It’s super ergonomic and it just feels so smooth to use!

Phone Experts: If there was one thing you’d like to see improved, what would it be?
Reeven: The ONE qualm I have with the phone is just the durability of it. With the ultra-thin glass screen, it’s very prone to scratches and there isn’t any water or dust resistance. Obviously, wanting an all glass phone that can fold and be durable at the same time might be asking a little too much, but I’m always worried about dropping the phone or accidentally exposing it to water. I’m normally able to keep my phones in great shape, but this phone has me doubting myself everyday!

Phone Experts: What Samsung device would you suggest for people who love the Samsung Z Flip but don’t want to spend that much money?
Reeven: If you want a great Samsung device, the S Series is a very good option for most people. And, if you’re looking for a great performing device but don’t want to pay an arm and leg for it, you can’t really beat the Samsung A Series. The Samsung A71 is probably the most bang for your buck on any smartphone out there!

Phone Experts: Thanks so much for sharing your honest feedback. Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Reeven: Yes! Samsung is awesome. I love that they have 24-hour tech support, so if you every have any issues or questions on any of their devices, they are super quick and always willing to help. I’d recommend Samsung to everyone.

Well, tech friends, there you have it! Reeven’s feedback is both insightful and honest! If you have questions about the Samsung Z Flip or any other device, we’re only a phone call away.

Drop us a line.

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