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Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro Features

Our Favorite Features on the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro

When it comes to devices, there is no doubt that Samsung knows that they’re doing. Their latest device, the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro, holds true to that statement.

This durable device is designed to function wherever you go and is made for the outdoors… and if you ask us, it’s right on time for summer adventures!

 Here’s what our team members love about the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro:

1. Its durability allows it to withstand harsh environments. Whether you’re hiking, camping, playing outdoor sports – you name it – this device is designed for better protection against dust and water.

2. Though the function of the device is durability, Samsung didn’t skimp on resolution. The 6.3” high-resolution gives optimal display for whatever you’re viewing… maps if you get lost while off-roading, images of your adventures… the list goes on!

3. The device features an intuitive display that lets you keep your gloves on while using the device. That means you can stay connected without issues, whether you’re at work or playing in the great outdoors!These are just a few of our favorite features.

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