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Do you dream of having your own assistant? Someone to update your calendar or remind you of upcoming appointments? An assistant that does anything you want so that you can boost your productivity?
Meet your Google Assistant! When you’re on the go, you can say “OK Google” to your Android phone or tablet to start a voice search or have Google do something for you. The Google Home & Google Home Mini are powered by the same Google Assistant.
OK Google is full of amazing features that can make your life easier. Here are a few examples of things that your assistant can do for you:
– Search the web and answer questions
– Call contacts and send text messages
– Set appointments and reminders
– Launch a music app and play specific songs
– Provide maps and navigation while driving
Now you don’t have to dream of having an assistant – you have one at your fingertips! Follow these easy steps and take control:

  1. Launch Google app
  2. Open menu on the top left
  3. Settings
  4. Voice (sub-menu)
  5. Tap “OK Google” detection
  6. Enable “From the Google App”

It’s that easy! What’s the first task your Google Assistant will have to do for you?

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