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Monitoring Cellular Data

It can be incredibly frustrating to constantly run out of data, or exceed your monthly limit and get a huge
cell phone bill. We’ve outlined a few solutions (no matter your device type) to help monitor your data
usage to make sure you’re not going to run out!

Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data
If this is how you’re tracking data, the statistics will need to be manually reset each billing cycle. Do this
by scrolling to the bottom of the same page > Reset Statistics

Settings > Data Usage
You’ll be able to display your usage and it will automatically reset every billing cycle to ensure you get an
accurate depiction of how much data you’re using. There is an option to set a data limit and custom
usage notifications to help you stay on track.

Download the app > Login
You will be able to view your accounts data usage summary here. In the event that the data is running
out or it’s been capped, you can complete a quick top up to carry you through the remainder of your
billing cycle.

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