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Hacks to Troubleshoot Optik TV Tech Issues

Optik TV Tech Issues

It’s been a long day, and you’ve finally had the chance to sit down and kick your feet up on the couch, cocktail in hand, to enjoy your favorite show. You select the channel; things are going great… until they’re not.

The TV is encountering some tech issues. UGH. After the day you’ve had, this is the LAST thing you want to deal with.

Raise your hand if this has happened to you.


Trust us – we get it! That’s why we’re compiling a few of our most common Optik TV tech issues to help you get back to your favorite show.

1. Choppy image

Try this:

Turn off the TV.

Turn it back on.

…. Better? Chances are, it is. But if it’s not, try some of the steps from tips 2 & 3.


2. Error message: “Programming unavailable”

Try this:

There is likely an issue with the channel and programming will resume once the outage is resolved. Irritating? YES. But there’s not much we can do besides that.


3. Picture freezing

Try this:

This is generally the result of a loose cable. Give ‘em a wiggle (aka tighten them) and restart your TV.

Power off digital boxes.

Go to your TELUS modem.

Unplug PVR.

Now, plug it back in.

Yes, it’s tedious. And yes, it’ll likely make a difference!