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Get More Out of Your Android

In our last post we talked about iPhone shortcuts, and we realized that we likely weren’t using our Androids to the fullest potential either.

After talking to a few of our Samsung Ambassadors, we learned that we could be doing a lot more with our Androids! We’re sharing a four Android features we haven’t been using. Here goes:

  • Google Now
    Open the Google app, tap “Get Google Now” and then fill in your preferences. You can tell Google Now pretty much anything (for example: your favorite sports teams) to get more personalized notifications. We knew this feature was available, but never actually used it. Now that we have, there’s no going back!

  • Automation
    You don’t need your phone syncing away through the night, so why not introduce a bedtime routine that automatically silences it and kills your data and Wi-Fi connections? Apps like AutomateIt ( and Tasker ( can help you do just that.

  • Find your phone
    Increase your chances of having your device returned to you if it’s been misplaced. Settings > Lock Screen > Contact Information

  • Save your life
    Display your In Case of Emergency (ICE) contacts when your device is still locked. Settings > Users > Lockscreen > Emergency Information This could help save your life!

You might be using some of these already, but just in case you’re not – it’s a game changer! These quick Android tips will help you get more out of your cell phone.

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