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Best Practices for Working from Home

COVID-19 and Working From Home

As we adjust to the ever-changing world, we thought it was pertinent to take a moment to share some
of our best practices for a work-from-home life…aka – the new norm for a lot of people. Our Consumer
Solutions team members have implemented these tactics to ensure productivity, security, and of course:
SANITY. wink

From a wellness standpoint:

Maintain a routine

If you’re working from home, make sure you get up at the usual time, have a shower, eat breakfast, and
start your workday as you normally would (if this is your normal routine). End your workday at the same
time as usual and try to go to bed on time as well!


It serves as a treatment for depression and anxiety. While it doesn’t pull you out of a severe
depression, you can certainly benefit psychologically and physically from exercise and it can help to
prevent the development of depression.

Go outside

That is, if you keep your social distance! Research shows that stress is a major threat to
human health and that spending time in a greener environment appears to be an effective way to aid
stress reduction.

From a tech standpoint:

Secure your network. Here’s how:

➢ Ensure you’re not using the default password that came with your router.
➢ Keep computers and other devices up to date with the latest software.
➢ Use a wired internet connection whenever possible.
➢ Install a quality anti-virus.

Our Expert IT Solutions team ( set up our workstations to make the most
seemless transition possible. They’re still just a phone call away if we have any questions.

Prioritize communication

We use platforms such as Slack ( and Business Connect
( to connect with one another. It’s an effective way to keep
everyone up to date on the latest happenings and allow for a team environment. By touching base
frequently, we’re able to maintain a sense of unity!

Connect with customers

Our retail locations are temporarily closed, so we’re utilizing call-forwarding
( from the store phones to home office lines. This
ensures we’re able to address every client inquiry without putting anyone at risk.

We hope these tips will help your team members and business as much as it’s helped us. We’re all in
uncharted waters here – let’s get through it together! If you need anything at all, we’re here for you.
Drop us a line by clicking CONTACT at the bottom of this page to reach us.