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4 iPhone Shortcuts You Wish You Knew Sooner

It’s funny how you get into a rhythm of little things that you do every single day, usually multiple times a day, without realizing that (often!) there is a quicker way to do it. These little things range from a typical morning routine, what you order for lunch, all the way to how you use your iPhone. 

Don’t worry – we’re in the same boat!

After some discussion with a few of our Apple Masters, we realized there are quite a few shortcuts that we could have been using for years but just found out about now. We’re here to share those with you. 

Here’s four iPhone shortcuts that we wish we knew sooner:

1.Calculator backspace

Open the app and swipe to the left or the right at the top of the screen, where the digits are displayed. The motion acts as a backspace command and will remove the last number you entered. 

2. Hide private photos

Inside Photos, select one or more images, than tap “Share” and choose “Hide” from the list of options. Your chosen pictures will become invisible via the Moments, Collections, and Years view, but can still be accessed through the Albums screen. 

3. Shake to undo

When you shake your phone, a pop-up window shows up and asks if you want to undo the typing. Tap “Undo” to remove whatever text you just typed. Restore the text by shaking your phone again. 

4. Save your life

Health app > Medical ID tab. Tap “Edit”, then scroll to “Emergency Contacts”. Add your emergency contacts, along with their relationship to you. Once set up, this can be accessed from your locked screen in case of emergency. 

You might be already using some of these, but just in case you’re not – it’s a game changer! These quick iPhone hacks will save you tons of time, one of which could quite literally save your life. 

P.S. We also checked out www.reddit.com for more iPhone shortcuts, and there are SO many. Go check them out!

Now just to switch the rhythm of using your phone…you just got used to that routine! 😉

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